Futures Trading System

Futures Trading System is a scalable and portable platform for trading in various types of futures contracts. Futures Trading System is developed mostly using Open Source technology and tiered architecture.


To help you evaluate the system, we have put together a video demonstration and live demo application

Video Demonstration

Click Here to view a video demonstration of the system. This shows you how to navigate through the system and how to place an order.
If you are using a fast internet connection like broadband, you should be able to watch this video without any buffering. We hope that you will find it useful.

Live Demo Application

Click Here for the hands-on experience with our Live Demo Application. Email us for username and password.

What's Unique?

  • Leverages Open Source technologies to minimize the cost of deployment and maintenance for our clients
  • Front End is a Rich Internet Application built in Adobe Flex which means no installation required on desktop. Front end can run from any Operating System as long as the machine has a Web Browser with Flash 9.0 installed on it.
  • Back End server component is completely developed in Java with Spring Framework which means the server component light weight and portable. It can be deployed on any Operating System without changing a single line of code. We have tested the server component on Windows, Red Hat Linux on IBM Blade Servers, HP Unix, Mac, etc. This means that our clients do not have to acquire new hardware on our account and we can easily deploy our system in their existing infrastructure.
  • Front end can be de-coupled from the system and can be used to route to any other trading platform
  • Back end can be de-coupled from the front end and can accept orders from any order routing system

Core Features
Order Entry & Routing

Order Entry is done from Adobe Flex based front end which loads in a web browser.

Matching Engine

Order Matching Engine is responsible for validating incoming orders and then matching them to generate trades.

Risk Management

Futures Trading System is capable of handling client level risk management. Risk Management mechanism is based on Value At Risk (VaR) method of computing risk.

Exchange Session Management

Exchange Session Management allows the exchange to set the order and timing of sessions such as Beginning of the Day Session, Opening Session, Trading Session, Margin Session, Closing Session, Auction Session, Position Transfer session etc.

Exchange Administration Module

Exchange Administration Module is used by the Futures Exchange to configure the system and add/modify Contracts, Members, Assets, etc. This module is a desktop application built using .NET Framework.

Report Generation Engine

Report Generation Engine generates various packaged reports for the users. Report Generation Engine is built using Open Source JasperReports. The reports can be generated and downloaded in PDF format

Futures Trading System is very scalable and portable system. Most of the technology used to build the system is Open Source. Here's what we have used to build this trading platform
  • Adobe Flex
  • Java
  • ActionScript 3.0
  • Spring Framework
  • Cairngorm Framework
  • ActiveMQ
  • JasperReports
  • Apache Tomcat 6.0 Web Server
  • Visual Basic .NET