Application Development

We specialize in developing custom Rich Internet Applications. We harness technologies such as Adobe Flex/AIR, Java, AJAX, ColdFusion, etc. to develop software applications. Our development centers are located in the US and in India.

Our team members are highly experienced and have served several multi-national companies in various business domains.

We firmly believe in exploiting the potential of web technology and developing applications that would help streamline our clients' business processes. We take pride in providing exceptional customer service.

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Futures Trading System

Futures Trading System

Futures Trading System is a trading platform developed by Arrow Total Solutions. Futures Trading System is capable of matching futures contracts in Commodities and Equities. Futures Trading System is currently being deployed at one of the India's pioneering Online Commodity Exchange.

Futures Trading System can serve Exchanges as well as Brokers. Main modules of the system are as follows

  • Matching Engine
  • Risk Management Engine
  • Report Generation Engine

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